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Will Tucker

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House ethics panel to review Stockman's campaign finances

WASHINGTON - The House ethics committee is inquiring into the campaign finances of Rep. Steve Stockman, the Clear Lake Republican who has been questioned repeatedly over the last year about misreported campaign contributions and deficient disclosures. A spokesman for Stockman acknowledged the inquiry Friday, and the committee itself is expected to announce it Monday.
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Joe Biden, civil rights leaders gather in Selma to commemorate 'Bloody Sunday' march

SELMA, Ala. - Vice President Joe Biden and other civil rights leaders decried the Supreme Court's recent examination of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act at events held to mark the 48th anniversary of the 1965 civil rights march from Selma, Ala., to Montgomery, Ala.
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Stockman amends campaign reports

Rep. Steve Stockman's re-election campaign sent a flurry of amended campaign finance reports to the Federal Election Commission Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, FEC records show.
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Lawmakers grill 'Fast and Furious' supervisors | Texas on the Potomac | a blog

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent in charge of the agency's controversial Fast and Furious investigation on Tuesday defended his unit's actions, telling lawmakers that "it was not the purpose'' of ATF to permit firearms trafficking to Mexico.
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On eve of official announcement, Rick Perry talks BBQ, jobs and NObama in Bama | Texas on the Potomac | a blog

On the eve of Texas Gov. Rick Perry's official campaign announcement, the Alabama Republican Party pulled out all the stops for the Republican many Southerners consider their "number one" 2012. The turnout to the annual Summer Dinner in Birmingham, Ala.-1500 guests-was the largest in Alabama GOP history.
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Will Tucker

As Hearst Newspapers' first investigative fellow, I've become fluent in the use of open records requests, the DOJ’s FARA database, Congressional disclosure records, Lobbying Disclosure Act records and Nexis. I've investigated international lobbying and NGOs, Congressional ethics violations, tax-exempt organization abuse and campaign finance.

At the University of Alabama, I served as editor-in-chief of The Crimson White, the University community's daily newspaper with a print circulation of 15,000 and an average 130,000 web sessions per month. For my work directing the coverage of hazing in UA's fraternities and racial segregation in UA's sororities, the Southeastern Journalism Conference named me Journalist of the Year in February 2013. For my team's work covering a shooting near the University in July 2012, the Society of Professional Journalists awarded us a first-place national Mark of Excellence.

And, in March 2014, the Columbia School of Journalism awarded me and the Crimson White team I led a Gold Crown, a major college journalism prize.

My résumé and personal recommendations available upon request. For anything--tips, comments, opinions on college football--drop me a line at wjtucker1 at gmail dot com; talking to people is my job. (You can find my PGP key beneath the photo to the left.)



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